Hiring Part-time Professionals

As a business owner, you know that hiring and retaining the right employees is crucial to your success, efficiency, and future growth. Part-time staff are as important as full-time staff to the success of the company. Join TAPP for FREE and

  • Structure the part-time positions for long term success.
  • Share best practices with other business owners (anonymously) on our discussion boards.
  • Learn how to elevate your part-time staff from a worker to a professional.
  • Create a flexible work environment with tools that don't break the bank and keep all your staff engaged.
  • Recognize your outstanding part-time professional in our part-time professional of the year award program.


Need more resources? Join TAPP as a premium company member ($75) and

  • Have unlimited access to our archived webinars and live webinars to use as training tools.
  • Add an accountant, marketing professional, and other TAPP experts to your resources.
  • Receive discounts on job ads for part-time employees and eliminate individuals who really hope to be hired full time.

Have a voice in the issues related to part-time. TAPP is YOUR association and your feedback and involvement will influence what services and resources are added in the future. Let us know what you need to create the best working relationships in your office.

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